Saturday, October 27, 2012

Send Rowley to Privileges Committee: Roberts

Anil Roberts
Anil Roberts asked Speaker Wade Mark on Friday to make Opposition Leader Keith Rowley face the Parliament's Privileges Committee for impugning the integrity of Senate President Timothy Hamel-Smith, among other things. 

The Sports Minister and MP for D'Abadie/O'Meara made the request during the censure motiion against Attorney General Anand Ramlogan brought by Rowley.

Roberts said Rowley made pejorative remarks about Hamel-Smith at a PNM public meeting October 18 at which the leader of the PNM made several other comments that amounted to contempt of Parliament.

Roberts said said Rowley "scandalised and brought the office of the President into odium, ridicule and public distrust by imputing improper motives to the office-holder, impugned the integrity of the Senate president by ascribing improper motives to him and reflected adversely on the conduct of the president.”

The Speaker said he needs to give the mater careful consideration to determine if a prima facie case for breach of privilege has been made out and promised to announce his ruling at a subsequent sitting.

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