Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rowley rejects Jack's claification on "PNM murder" statement

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley on Wednesday rejected Jack Warner's explanation that he did not mean the entire membership of the People's National Movement (PNM) when he called a killing in Laventille a "PNM murder".

Warner issued a statement late Tuesday explaining that he meant a "select few front line opposition members of Parliament".

This is what Warner said in his clarification on the matter:

"The statement was inferred to a select few front line opposition members of Parliament who have continued to make negative statements which may have the effect of nullifying the gains made over the last month, instead of looking at ways in which we could work together to ensure the statistics remain in check.

"This in no way includes the membership of the party - even though I may not agree with their political affiliation, I respect them as citizens of this country.

"I am incensed when I hear of "but one murder."...we have always said one murder is one murder too many - let us agree not to use this as a political football but to engage in supporting the men and women of the protective services in continuing the excellent work they have been doing - and the gains they have made."

In response Rowley called on the Prime Minister to make a statement  "debunking what her minister has said." He said, "It is hurtful to the PNM, it is hurtful to the country and it demeans the office of the Minister of National Security." 

Rowley added, "How can we place any confidence in a minister who, in such a cavalier manner, could take something as serious as a murder and ascribe it to the Opposition party. It is ridiculous!" Rowley said. 

Rowley said he does not know of any PNM member, inside or outside of Parliament, who is sponsoring murders. 

The Opposition Leader also rejected Warner's attempt to prevent the police from giving out daily reports on crime statistics. He said the PNM that is an attempt to lay the foundation for the manipulation of the statistics and for giving inaccurate figures.

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