Thursday, October 11, 2012

Letter: Work with Warner - Don't pull him down

The Express call for the Minister of National Security’s head is certainly not surprising given the papers obvious negative position to the People’s Partnership Government. (Read the Express Editorial: Mr Warne's Dangerous Grab for Power)

However, those of us who know Mr. Warner and the base intent of his initiative, which unfortunately included the gagging of crime reporting on a daily basis, knows that the language used did not reflect the idea which resonated in his mind.

Before such a vitriolic attack against a man who in 29 days reduced the killing fields of Laventille to a mere isolated killing is not just unfortunate but raises questions.

Instead of seeking to destroy Warner who has just done what no other Minister of National Security has done in recent memory, we should be finding ways to applaud him for saving the lives of at least twenty-nine young men for the pattern in Laventille was on average two bodies per day.

Warner's exuberance has nothing to do with him wanting to appropriate power unto himself; rather he is driven by a passion to save lives, the lives of young men and young women who are slaughtered in Laventille.

Common sense tells me that something must be wrong with our logic.

I could understand the PNM’s annoyance at Warner’s success and his misstep which he immediately corrected.

What I do not understand is what does the Express stand to gain with the dismissal of Warner.

Clearly it seems that without a murder the Express won’t sell. 
Without a gun shot, the Express would remain on the shelves. Without bodies dropping and ghosts escaping the Express would be irrelevant.

If this is the reason for wanting Mr. Warner out to ensure that bodies drop so that their papers can be sold all I can say is that the Express has to be more sorry than we all think.

Thanks Mr. Warner!

Carmelita Mohammed | Pasea

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