Saturday, October 6, 2012

Letter: Why Rowley wants AG Ramlogan censured

Dr Rowley is targeting the AG because he wants to protect the PNM from the many corruption cases he filed against its financiers and high-profile supporters.

At present there is litigation in the following matters:

  1. Petrotrin claim against the former Board led by Malcolm Jones. Petrotrin is claiming the sum of $1.2 billion with respect to losses suffered by the company as a result of the construction of failed Gas to Liquids plant. The pre-action letter protocol procedures are being complied with. The other Defendants in this matter are Charmine Baptiste, Julian Stephen, Ramnarine Ramdass, Andrew Jupiter and Harry Pirtheesingh
  2. UDeCOTT, which is claiming the sum of $465 million from its former executive chairman Calder Hart, its former deputy Chairman Krishna Bahardoosingh, its former Chief Financial Officer, Ricardo O'Brian and its Former Chief Executive Officer Neelanda Rampaul. This claim is with respect to the award of the contract for the construction of the Brian Lara Stadium. The High Court last week ordered Hart to file his defence and attend court. He was also ordered to pay the State's legal costs of $16,500
  3. E-teck, which is claiming the sum of $30 million from its former Chairman Ken Julien and the other members of the former Board. The other Defendants in this matter are Dr. Rene Monteil, Uric Mc Nicol, Eugene Tiah, Sonia Noel and Brian Copeland. This claim arises out of the actions of the former Board with respect to the investment in Bamboo Networks Limited. They have lost an application to dismiss the state's case on the ground that the limitation period has expired and have appealed. The hearing is next month
  4. The University of Trinidad and Tobago has commenced proceedings against its former President of the Board, Kenneth Julian, and the other members of the Board seeking damages incurred in the sum of $12 million for breach of their fiduciary duty. They leased a property for use as a guest house from someone who had no title and did not even own it. The former PM's spiritual advisor Rev Juliana Pena was a frequent guest at this guest house at discounted rates. In addition to Professor Kenneth Julian the other defendants that have been sued are Dr. Rene Montiel, Giselle Marfleet, Scott-Hilton Clarke, Ravindranath Maharaj, Errol Pilgrim and Lincoln Warner
  5. Under the direction of the Attorney General civil proceedings have been commenced by the Central Bank against Lawrence Duprey and Andre Monteil and their personal companies Dalco Capital and Stone Street Capital for breach of fiduciary duties and breach of trust. This litigation is seeking to recover hundreds of millions of dollars of policy-holders money that were syphoned out of these companies by these former directors
  6. The Attorney General v Brian Copeland and others with respect to recovery of the States intellectual property rights in the PHI pan. This claim seeks to protect the public's right in the PHI pan so that commercial exploitation for private gain without any benefit to the people is avoided

As a result of the investigations conducted under the direction of the Attorney General civil proceedings are soon to be filed in the following matters:
  • T&TEC against former board members
  • By the State against the former members of the Board of Directors of the Hindu Credit Union
  • By the State against the Andre Monteil and Lawrence Duprey and former members of the CL Financial Board, the Former members of the Clico Investment Bank Board
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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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