Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letter: Who is investing in Rowley's Future?

PNM Leader Dr Keith Rowley is getting a make-over. It is being done by a local company. 

These kinds of things usually cost a lot of money. I think the pubic deserves to know how much this make-over costs and who is paying for it.

This is not a private matter because this is a direct investment in Dr Rowley's political future and his bid to be Prime Minister. Should he succeed in becoming Prime Minister, his sponsors would be the king maker.

Usually, when people make investments in political parties and politicians they call for repayment. Sometimes they pull the strings of the government or get special treatment for State contracts. Investments like these are how party seats, senatorial appointments and board positions are bought.

Should the country not know who are the people that are backing Dr Rowley in this bid and therefore who are the people to whom he will be indebted?
Should the population not know the extent to which their future Prime Minister may be indebted to these persons?

It is already public information that businessmen Andrew Gabriel and Howard Chin Lee footed the bill for last Sunday's convention. Certainly these two would be persons to whom the PNM and Dr Rowley would already be in debt for their investments thus far. 

The question is, who else is waiting in the wings? I would rather know now than after 2015.

Carmelita Mohammed | Diego Martin

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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