Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Letter: Some notable points from the PNM's contribution to the budget debate

a. At last at least one PNM member of Parliament has the honesty to own up the real problem our society faces.

b. I am talking about Ms Donna Cox, the representative for Laventille East/Morvant.

c. Ms Cox made a lengthy contribution to the 2013 Budget Debate yesterday.

d. During her rambling she dropped this sizzling Quotable Quote on us:

e. "(The PP Government’s anti-crime measures are) nothing more than a painkiller. It stops the hurting but the underlying problem still exists and will continue to flourish until the real depth and seriousness is tackled head on!”

f. But Ms Cox had been warned by the Speaker to speak clearly so people would know precisely what she was talking about.

g. In other words, he told her not to speak in parables.

h. The Speaker reminded her that the proper procedure is to bring a substantive motion to identify things properly for the benefit of everybody.

i. You would appreciate why I am using this email to thank the Speaker for pulling up MP Cox yesterday.

j. You would also appreciate why I don't want anyone to get impregnated with the wrong idea from what Ms Cox blurted out about what "underlying problem still exists and will continue to flourish" unless it "is tackled head on".

k. The underlying problem in this country is that the PNM sincerely believes and feels nobody but them must be the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

l. Because of that outlook and belief, over the years they made sure and put their operatives in every key and low-keyed post in government offices and some critical non-government establishments as well.

m. Until those PNM operatives are identified and nullified, this country and this government would not be able to go forward without "painkillers".

n. Finally, you would appreciate me closing off this email by calling on Ms Donna Cox to bring a substantive motion quickly to state that what Ms Liz Awai is saying here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

o. Thank you Mr Speaker for pointing Ms Cox in the proper direction!

p. I hope the next time Ms Cox stands up anywhere to talk as an MP, she would not sputter nonsense like she did yesterday.

Liz Awai | Bagatelle, Diego Martin

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