Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter: A docile raging pull or just putting on appearances?

Good morning!

It wasn't I (Heston Corbie), it was Dr Eric Eustace Williams who forever and ever described PNM election candidates and parliamentarians as both crapauds and millstones around the people's necks. And "Dr Eric Eustace Williams" is the name registered in the "Name of Father" column of the PNM's Birth Certificate, as we know.

So, yesterday (Sunday October 29th 2012), at the PNM's 44th Annual Convention, when Dr Keith Rowley took to the stage in a grandstand display devoid (according to the newspapers) of his usual rebel image and verbal fire and brimstone, projecting instead a razzmatazz style, the first and only thing than came to and lingered in my mind is that a crapaud cannot shed his warts and a millstone is just as heavy if measured on Stone Street or Landate.

But the thing that took the cake was when he told PNMites they must take personal responsibility for their well-being and stop depending on the government to spoonfeed them! I believe that's why the Grand Stand arena was more or less empty by the time he was midway through his speech. Even the few who remained were grumbling, "How Keith could say something like that?"

Ah yes! No crapaud could shed its wart, no millstone its weight, regardless which personal image consultant it hires! The hype and razmatazz couldn't fool or galvanize the PNM, how can Dr Rowley's sudden makeover be expected to woo the few unaffiliated or uncommitted?

By the way! I thought PNM was born in 1956? How come yesterday's event was its 44th Annual Convention?

Heston Corbie | 69 Prizgar Lands, Laventille

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