Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jack has no apology for revealing death threat against Rowley

File: Jack Warner in a media scrum
Jack Warner said Wednesday he has no regret about revealing that police are investigating a death threat against Opposition Leader Keith Rowley. 

The People's National Movement has criticised the national security minister for speaking about the matter, saying he might have prejudiced the investigation. 

Police have said they have taken the necessary action to protect Rowley.  Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Mervyn Richardson told the Express newspaper he has interviewed Rowley and Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds about the matter, adding that a senior superintendent attached to the Port of Spain Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is leading the investigations.

The police have said the threat was made in a letter sent to Rowley. Warner spoke about the threat when he visited Laventille on Tuesday. Hinds was the first to lash out against Warner.

However, Warner he spoke about the death threat to make the point that such issues should not stop anyone from continuing his or her work. 

He also said he isn't bothered about what Hinds has to say. He told the Express, "I don't have to answer, respond or dignify anything that Mr. Fitzgerald Hinds said whether in newspaper or otherwise. I am very dismissive of Fitzgerald Hinds and have consistently been so and I have no intention of dignifying any foolishness he speaks."

"I will repeat it again tomorrow if I have to, no threat real or imagined should stop anyone from doing their duty and that is the bottom line" Warner said.

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