Monday, October 29, 2012

AG Ramlogan says Guardian story on OPV 'misleading, inaccurate and false'

A media release Sunday from the office of the Attorney General said the AG "notes with great concern" what the office called "the misleading, inaccurate and false headline" in Sunday's Guardian newspaper: “AG requests $1.3 billion for settlement…Cabinet uproar rover OPVs.”It added that the story inside carries a more detailed headline, which reads, “Paying for nothing…AG requests 1.3 billion to settle OPV arbitration”.

The release said, "The trial of the OPV arbitration took place in May 2012 and judgment has been reserved. 

"That judgement is yet to be delivered by the arbitrators in the OPV arbitration between British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. 

"The Attorney General notes that the Opposition PNM has been predicting for some time now that the Government will lose the arbitration and be forced to pay BAEs hundreds of millions of dollars."The Government acted quite properly in this matter and remains confident about the chances of success in this arbitration.

"The AG condemns the reckless, spiteful and malicious attack by the Leader of the Opposition at the PNM’s Annual Convention against the AG and the Government on the false premise that the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago have lost this important arbitration.

"His 'we-told-you-so' attitude and predictions of doom and gloom for the Government and people of this country amount to no more than empty political rhetoric dangerously espoused by someone aspiring to be Prime Minister. For yet another time, Dr. Rowley spoke without bothering to ascertain the facts.
"This is however consistent with his pattern of reckless and irresponsible behaviour as demonstrated by his false statements against the AG on the following matters:
  1. Alleged Racial Statements made to the staff at the New York Mission
  2. The accusation that the AG requested private bank records of citizens from the FIU
  3. The allegation that the AG had given more than 51 % of state briefs to his former law firm
  4. The allegation that the AG had conspired with the judiciary to procure a judgment in favour of two businessmen
  5. That the AG was using State funds to finance several defamation lawsuits against Dr. Rowley
  6. That the AG gave bad legal advice and lost the OPV arbitration as a result of which the state has to pay BAE $1.3 billion
Great care has been taken by the AG in the conduct in the OPV arbitration. It is at a critical stage as judgement is expected by the end of this year.
"It will be improper for the Government to make any further statement on the matter whilst this arbitration is still pending.

"In the circumstances further comment will only serve to aggravate or prejudice this arbitration and hence the Government is not prepared to elaborate further on this issue which is sub judice."

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