Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UNC chairman says Rowley failed

Statement from Jack Warner, Chairman of the United National Congress:

When Keith Rowley raved and ranted about a march against the government, he must have known what the consequences would have been unless he received massive support. 

Well here are the results. Measured by the most generous of estimates the few hundred of those bused to march even with the small support of the union members, Rowley couldn't even muster a representation of those who had voted for him in his own constituency.

And of the few who arrived they were not representative by way of ethnicity, gender or age of the national community. In fact, there were no youth reinforcing the fact that under Rowley the party he represents, is fast fading. 

Where were the church groups, the NGOs, the youth organisations, the multi-ethnic population at large? If ever we needed evidence of Keith Rowley's absence of public appeal and leadership, the poor response to his much vaunted march proved it. 

He threw down the gauntlet on this and failed. Yet again. Maybe, because the population and PNM supporters as well just don't trust Keith Rowley. Following the bringing down of his own party to advance his political career, he seeks now to write letters to nations around the world proclaiming how bad the Administration of Justice (Preliminary Enquiry) Act 2011 is, which his party supported unanimously.

One editorial today (Tuesday) called this, the Rowley test. The results are in, he failed, miserably.

Jack Warner | UNC Chairman, September 18th, 2012

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