Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ramadhar offers apology for voting for legal bill

Prakash Ramadhar: "...anyone who acted with bad face should not form part of the Government"
Prakash Ramadhar apologised Tuesday for his role in the passing of the Administration of Justice Indictable Proceedings Act, specifically the contentious Section 34 fiasco.

The leader of the Congress of the People (COP) suggested that there was a betrayal of trust.

"Let me just say that I personally want to apologise to this nation for any part I took to have contributed to this fiasco. But things are done in an environment of trust and sometimes you know that trust may not be necessarily well founded," he told reporters at a media conference.

"What I believe does not matter, what the truth is, is what matters and we hope that the truth comes out and the party has made a statement that anyone who acted with bad face should not form part of the Government," Ramadhar added. 

"If a person deliberately manipulates any system to give an advantage to someone unduly, then that is a terrible, terrible thing and they have no place in Government."

Ramadhar chairs the government's Legislative Review Committee (LRC), which was responsible for amending the Administration of Justice Indictable Proceedings Act 2012. He said the act did not go before the LRC for its determination nor its input. 

"That came unilaterally from the Senate, it was unanimously voted upon and brought back down to the House. So I just want to make that clarification abundant to all of us," he said.

Ramadhar explained that amendments from the Senate were not considered in Committee Stage.

"When the debate took place in the Lower House, we moved that seven year period to 10 years, so that if your trial was delayed for 10 years, then you can apply for a discharge of your matter and to be given a verdict of not guilty in relation to that. That was what the LRC did which reflected the policy of the Cabinet."

He made it clear that all legislators voted for the act. "I am not trying to absolve myself from personal blame on this matter. I take responsibility for that like everyone else who voted for it."

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