Monday, September 24, 2012

PM Kamla's Republic Day message

Today as we celebrate our 36th year as a Republic, I am indeed mindful of how fortunate we are to be blessed with another significant opportunity to acknowledge and reflect on our realities. It is indeed a privilege to have the social and political space to take time out to reflect, this we must appreciate.

The freedoms we enjoy prompt us to bear in mind that every citizen of this Republic has a role to play in development. The product of the choices our ancestors made, to earn Trinidad and Tobago Republican status, requires that we revitalize our sense of common purpose.

As we engage in this celebration let us remember the struggles and courage of the men and women who have given each Trinidadian and Tobagonian boy and girl the chance to grow up knowing that they have a firm hand in the forging of their destiny. We must agree that the actions of our ancestors have manifested a society where there are no barriers to achievement, there are no ceilings glass or otherwise that we cannot break through.

As a fledgling democratic, plural society of creative and talented citizens, we have over the last few months alone, collectively experienced the lows of flooding and degradation of homes, then highs of the most outstanding achievements at the 2012 London Olympiad by our youth, sometimes all in one day. Our people manage all of these machinations of daily life, through the telescope of prudence and dignity.

It is also in our best interest to acknowledge that even in this realm of positive reflection we are a young nation state and there are still growing pains to be endured. We must face our challenges with focused determination, so we may over come them as we have always done.

True to our word and our election promise, this administration has been actively involved in developing our country on the basis of consensus and consultation. 

We are cognisant of the importance of engaging with all of the citizenry when making decisions that affect us; we are committed to letting the will of the people be the driving force of government. This assurance should give us all a measure of comfort, that our democracy is stable and strong; that right will always rise above wrong, that there is in place, a leadership that will hold justice, the constitution, and the law dear and sacred.

On this Republic day I recommit myself and my government to your service, and I give you the assurance that together, as a united people we will continue to grow.

Happy Republic Day to you all and may God continue to keep us all close to the light.

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Jai & Sero

Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
Amit, Heather, Fuzz, Aj, Jiv, Shiva, Rampa, Sero, Jai