Monday, September 24, 2012

Jack's the man; Laventille happy with moves by National Security Minister

People in the Beverly Hills community in Laventille are happy that there will soon be a national Security sub office in their area.

National Security Minister Jack Warner promised on Saturday to set up the office and build infrastructure to improve the neighbourhood. And on Sunday contractors from Laventille moved in and starting clearing the land for the office. 
Work begins on a National Security sub office in Laventille. Express photo
The contractors have said they will hire people from the areas to work on the project. Warner has also promised to build a basketball court, a play park and community centre in addition to the office.

"The initiative he taking, no body else doing it and he showing that he care about the people, and not to say is a political thing, but at the end of the day is about uplifting your communities and he make the first step and is up to we in the community now to continue," Kirk Forde told local media.

The Express newspaper sent a reporter to the area who reported that "residents were singing joyous praises while children were playing in one section of the crescent driveway that led to the low cost housing units".

Kwasi Sealy, one of the contractors on the project praised Warner for keeping his word and starting the project within 24 hours of announcing it. "Never in the history of my life living up here (in Laventille) have I ever seen that a National Security Minister came up here, held a public meeting, made certain promises and work on it so fast and I must say hats off to him."

Sealy noted that Warner was doing all that in an area that did not vote for his party. "This is not one of their seats, this is not UNC up here, this is a PNM area and he responded to the call," Sealy told the Express.

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