Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter: Rowley's missteps an embarrassment to PNM

On second thought, as if it wasn’t bad enough hearing how a parliamentarian who voted iwithout doublechecking what he was voting for has turned around and organised a petition demanding the President to fire the parliamentarians who approved the law, and how he called out a crowd comprising PNM members and turncoats from other parties to accompany him to President House to drop off the petition, only to be greeted by the Acting President who presided over the debate when the bad law was passed, along comes news that he forget to walk with the signatures he says he collected for the petition.

Really, with the amount of missteps he's making, how many oops moments must we in the PNM put up with from this bloke named Dr Rowley before we shake him off? No true true leader does operate like he's operating. 

Every time he gets caught, he always looking for some loophole to duck through and pulling us down in the process.

Lord, please make Mr Manning better fast. We need him to oversee a hand over of the leadership to somebody who knows how to do things properly. If he can't make it Lord, let Hazel step up please. 

At this stage, anything better than those who sided with Dr Rowley to vote yes. 

Because, believe you me Lord, when I tell you with people on the government benches like the Attorney General, Mr Warner, Suruj Rambachan and Anil breathing fire and brimstone and gunning to make us pay for our misdeeds, and others like Dr Dookeran, Mr Bharath and the new Finance man Mr Howai staying out the spotlight but quietly making waves, we don't stand a ghost of a chance against Madam Kamla and her government despite what some people trying to make out. 


Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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