Saturday, September 22, 2012

Letter: PM Kamla showed leadership unlike her predecessor

Screen shot of PM Kamla during her address to the nation Thursday night
As I looked on attentively at the way things unfolded with regards to the issue concerning Section 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act, I am of the firm view that credibility must be given to the Honourable Prime Minister and her political savvy as she seems to have developed a knack for dealing with such controversial matters with the highest level of diplomacy and tact. 

The Prime Minister in her statement on the matter has sought to (and successfully so) clear up this conundrum and in so doing, brought about a sense of relief, so to speak, in the minds of many. Light has been shed on any shadow of doubt lurking in the minds of the population.

In her usual style of accounting to the people, the Prime Minister clearly and distinctly gave a blow-by-blow account on the Section 34 affair. Her swift and decisive actions were without a doubt most admirable and signalled a new era and style of accountable and responsible governance. 

This is the change we voted for! To the naysayers, I pose the following question: Had it been the previous administration under the same circumstances, do you honestly believe the then Prime Minister’s actions would have been the same? The answer is simple; No.

When Dr. Rowley had pointed out to the former Prime Minister that there was bid rigging taking place in UDeCOTT, what was the response? He was fired as opposed to the Prime Minister investigating the claim and making an informed decision. 

Our Prime Minister, Hon. Kamla Persad Bissessar has shown that she has the political will to do what is right for this country and let good governance prevail. 

In her speech, the Prime Minister stated "In past administrations too many times too many things were overlooked or swept under the carpet because it might have been politically self serving to have done so but I would rather fall on my own political sword than choose to ignore or excuse such failings. Whether it is non performance or breach of trust, I will not shirk in my responsibility to the people." 

This by itself shows her intent on putting country first for a change and ensuring that she serves the people in the right manner.

The Honourable Prime Minister in her wisdom advised the acting President to revoke the ministerial appointment of Mr. Herbert Volney as Minister of Justice. Once more, we see that she has kept to her word to root out corruption and wrong doing at every level. 

I commend the Prime Minister for her swift, decisive action and indeed we see “The historic tolerance of wrongdoing is over”.

Chris Arshad Hosein | Naparima

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