Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guardian drops columnist Martin George

The Guardian media is dropping one of its columnists - Martin George. 

In a brief letter to George from Editor in Chief Judy Raymond the media group stated that it has taken the decision to drop the column after september 30 "as it (the column) is not in keeping with the new direction of the paper". Raymond did not provide details of the "new direction".

She said the decision is based on an exercise over the past six months in which the paper had been "reviewing and refreshing" the work of columnists.

However in a response to Raymond's letter George stated that he was not aware of any such exercise, noting that Raymond did not give him "prior notification or indication of this alleged “refreshing and reviewing”."

George added, "You have never previously said a word to me on the topic, or at all," and asked Raymond to "indicate how you were conducting this “refreshing and reviewing” exercise in respect of myself and without informing me of same.

George stated that the Guardian's decision is an attempt to "stifle" his commentaries.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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