Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jack calls Rowley a bully and a liar

Jack Warner called Keith Rowley a bully on Saturday as he addressed thousands of supporters at a Pre-Budget rally at Mid centre Mall in Chagaunas and declared the People’s Partnership is strong and healthy under the leadership of Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

And he launched an attack on the People's National Movement, which he said is responsible for ills facing Trinidad & Tobago today. "There is not a single soul here who has forgotten the wastage, the corruption and the mismanagement that flourished in the nine years from 2001 to 2010," he said.

"More than $400 billion dollars passed through the hands of the PNM "like a dose of salts" and what did they do for you with that money?...they did not fix your roads, bridges and box drains. They did not repair your schools. They did not build new schools to replace the dilapidated ones.

"Under the PNM police stations were falling down and closing down left, right and centre. When you called the police they had no vehicles to come to your rescue. Rising and rampant crime was the order of the day!

"Never ever forget the rampant corruption under the PNM. With Prophetess Pena jetting around the world and living at the UTT guesthouse at the expense of taxpayers! 

"Millions of dollars in corrupt contracts to PNM friends and family through UDeCOTT! Hundreds of millions of dollars in rent to the family of PNM ministers! $52 million for a boat that never sailed – the MV SU! Over one billion dollars wasted on the Tarouba stadium!"

He urged his audience to "never ever forget" about all those things and also about Landate. "Do not ever forget that materials for building the hospital in Tobago ended up at a private development."

He said the People's Partnership has been cleaning up and fixing problems that the PNM created, noting that "instead of fixing your problems and your infrastructure, the PNM was fixing themselves."

He added, "The PNM did not settle public servants’ wages. We did. They did not settle wages at the Port. We did. They did not settle wages for over 35 Public Service Organisations. We did.

"It is the People’s Partnership under Kamla Persad-Bissessar that has to find money to build roads, schools, police stations and fire stations; to put beds in the hospitals – to BUILD hospitals. And we are doing it!" he also spoke of the contribution of every member of cabinet to the Children's Life Fund. "Have you ever heard of any PNM MPs or Ministers taking money out of their salaries to put into a fund to treat sick children?" he asked.

Warner said the PP government has taken the resources of the State to villages and communities that the PNM treated like bastard children. He also said the government is dealing with crime and giving the police what they need.

"Work has already started at stations at Arima, Brasso, Moruga, Cumuto, La Brea, La Horquetta, Oropouche and Piarco and soon work will start at Roxborough and Scarborough. Over 190 vehicles were provided to the police and more are on order.

"We have so far trained over 400 police officers to join the fight against crime. Recruitment of an initial 5,000 Special Reserve Police Officers is underway to boost the manpower on the ground," he said.

And he spoke about the relative peace in Laventille. "Today, day 20, Laventille has not had a single murder...This Minister of National Security is on the ground – not hiding in an office," he said.

Warner said Rowley was dishonest about the Administration of Justice (Indictable Offences) Act and played a video from the House of Representatives showing Rowley and members of the opposition all confirming that they voted YES for the bill.

"The truth is that he and all his members who were present voted for that Bill. Rowley is not only a bully but also a damn LIAR to say otherwise!" he declared.
He said Rowley can never be the alternative to Kamla! And he said despite Rowley's rantings, neither he nor the Attorney General Anand Ramlogan will be departing the cabinet. He called Ramlogan to the lectern with him, embraced him and declared, "You touch one, you touch all."

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