Sunday, September 30, 2012

"I aint moving nowhere. I aint going nowhere": AG Ramlogan

AG Ramlogan celebrates with the crowd. Express photo
"I aint moving nowhere. I aint going nowhere."

That's the assurance Anand Ramlogan gave to supporters on Saturday at a People's Partnership Pre-Budget rally in Chaguanas. 

The Attorney General was responding for Keith Rowley's continuing demand for his resignation. He said Rowley is afraid of him because the opposition leader is concerned about the number of lawsuits that have been filed and will soon be filed against him.

"Keith Rowley wanted me to resign before I became Attorney General. I want to tell you why Rowley is after Anand Ramlogan because of the number of corruption lawsuits coming from left, right and centre. east, west, north and south," Ramlogan said.

"Today I want to report to you that we have served a pre action letter on the former board of Petrotrin led by Malcolm Jones to recover $1.2 billion for the gas to liquid plant. UDeCOTT and Calder Hart, I have sued for $465 million."
Ramlogan said other lawsuits are coming against former CL Financial boss Lawrence Duprey, HCU former president Harry Harnarine and former T&TEC chairman Dev Anand Ramlal.

Ramlogan said Rolwey is known for his dishonesty, noting that from the opposition leader fabricated a story about him making an issue about the ethnic composition of the Trinidad & Tobago diplomatic mission in New York.

Rowley had stated in Parliament that Ramlogan went to the mission and complained about the staff of the mission and stated that the staff complained to him about it in the presence of two PNM MPs. It turned out that Ramlogan was never there and Rowley eventually apologised.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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