Thursday, September 1, 2011

T&T is #1 among Caribbean countries of the future

The Financial Times has ranked five Caribbean countries, including Trinidad & Tobago, among the top 10 Caribbean and Central American Countries of the Future.

Costa Rica has been awarded fDi’s Caribbean and Central American Country of the Future 2011/12. The Dominican Republic claimed second position followed by Trinidad and Tobago in third.

However, Trinidad and Tobago is number one among the Caribbean countries.
The top five ranking taking the Caribbean only is listed below with the country's ranking in the top 10 in brackets:

  • Trinidad & Tobago (3) 
  • Barbados (4) 
  • Antigua and Barbuda (6) 
  • British Virgin islands (7) 
  • Jamaica (10)
  • Costa Rica tops the list as the number country in the Caribbean and Latin American countries of the future 
The rankings have been created by the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Intelligence Division of the Financial Times in Britain as a benchmark of the investment attractiveness of countries and cities in more than 55 sectors for 350 locations around the world.

The Countries of the Future shortlists are created by an independent collection of data by the fDi Intelligence division across 31 Caribbean & Central American countries.

Here is how Trinidad & Tobago fares in the survey in the seven categories:

  • Best cost effectiveness - 2 
  • Best economic potential - 5 
  • Best Quality of Life - 7 
  • Best FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Strategy - 7 
  • Best Infrastructure - 10 
The country is not ranked in the top 10 in two categories:

  • Best business friendliness 
  • Best Human resources 

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