Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jack says he never borrowed money from Chuck Blazer

Chuck Blazer and Jack Warner

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner has responded to statements by FIF's Chuck Blazer that Warner borrowed money from him and that Warner has been repaying the loan.

Warner's statement is reproduced below:

"Having read with amazement Chuck Blazer’s claim that monies I paid him were in repayment of a personal loan, I have decided after much deliberation to set the record straight in regard to the payments in question.

"The payment I made to Blazer of $250,000 was the last of three payments which together totalled $750,000. The earlier payments were for $295,000 and $205,000. These were absolutely not in repayment for any loan. I

"I have never had occasion to borrow money from Blazer. These monies were paid from the Carribean Football Union’s account with funds received from FIFA. I do not know why Blazer is pretending otherwise.

"I would like to add that Blazer was a trusted friend of mine. In 1990, against the advice of the late Werner Fricker, I appointed Chuck Blazer as General Secretary of CONCACAF. In 1996, this time against the pleas of Alan Rothenberg, I had him appointed to the FIFA Executive Commitee. 

"In 2007, the FIFA leadership suggested all General Secretaries be removed from the FIFA Executive Committee yet I begged their indulgence and was successful in keeping “Chuckie” on as a member.

"However, I began to become concerned with Blazer several years ago when I became aware of the large sums he was earning from commissions. He refused to respond fully to my questions in regard to them. 

"As a result, since 2004 I have refused to sign any contract with his company Sportvertising, demanding that first he make a complete declaration of his earnings. Up to this point in time, neither he nor his company has any valid contract with CONCACAF.

"His attitude significantly deteriorated when, after I had paid him the total of $750,000, I told him that I would not pay an additional $250,000 that he was requesting be forwarded to his private account - unless he provided me with a complete accounting of his CONCACAF earnings. 

"Instead of providing this accounting, Blazer treacherously planned and coordinated an attack on myself and the CFU. Only when there is a full accounting at CONCACAF will the whole truth come to light.

"For the time being, I will say no more on this matter."

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