Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Letter: Fire the PNM and let progress return to T&T

The present administration embarked upon a structured programme to regain control of the government.

Since 2011, the PNM had been engaged in a political campaign to return that party to power.

At the centre of its campaign, both then and even as it continues today, is a strategy that involves denigration of the opposition — the UNC is “bad” and “corrupt”, so that makes the PNM “good” or “better”.

The PNM’s sole strategy has been directed at the psyche of our citizens — to inculcate a negative perception of its political adversaries.

It is conspicuously evident that the PNM continues to “advance” itself and to justify its presence in government, not by any claim to achievement, but rather solely by pointing to the faults — or whatever one might call it — of the other side.

It is like a child who endears himself to a parent simply by harping on how bad his brother is — even as he hoodwinks his gullible parents.

It amazes me that our citizens are so entirely complacent.

We continue to accept simply the rubbish that is being told to us as the PNM continues to dismantle, reverse, obstruct or undo every good change implemented by the former government.

The PNM advances the singular premise that the Partnership was “corrupt” so that everything it had done was “corrupt”, or that it had done it badly, or not according to prior convention.

Under the pretext of PNM’s perception of “corruption”, it has stopped almost every project initiated by the last government because of a “feeling” and its suspicious and paranoid nature.

It sees corruption in everything only because it is itself corrupt. But its wild and at times groundless and mindless pursuit of the moral high ground, which it can never claim, is not only causing the country to grind to a halt economically but is causing tremendous and unnecessary hardship to the people it claims it wants to help.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley see a “corruption bogyman” in everything — without first looking to see the “good” in the project or its potential benefit to the development of the country.

The most wretched part is that while they dismantle everything and in the process send us back to the Stone Age, they are bereft of any innovative initiative that is comparable or that can suitably replace what they are destroying.

They have nothing to offer while insisting that everything the other side did was “corrupt”.

What a sick mindset.
Couva Children's Hospital

The Beetham wastewater project, the tennis and aquatic centres, the velodrome, the Couva Hospital, the decentralisation of drug purchases, the abandonment of the National Health Card, the withdrawal of the Food Card, the dismantling of the Children’s Life Fund, the Aviation School, the Debe Campus … and the list goes on, all in limbo, and their little minds focused on proving their worth at the Tarouba Stadium once again, to prove their righteousness, and a “highway to Toco” which I bet will never even start while they are there.

These people ought to be fired so we can return to a path of progress.

It is time for another general election.

Steve Smith via email

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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