Thursday, March 17, 2016

More questions than answers for Camille

Camille Robinson-Regis
by our Special Correspondent:

The PNM has now set up its own tribunal to review allegations of impropriety against its own Cabinet Ministers. That tribunal consists of Prime Minister Rowley and Attorney General Al-Rawi. 

On Friday Al-Rawi announced the "findings" of this new "tribunal" to say that Minister Camille Robinson-Regis has been "cleared" of all allegations. They beat the Integrity Commission to the draw on this one and they have set up a situation that if the Integrity Commission finds otherwise they could attack those findings as unreliable.

The Prime Minister has already laid the groundwork for this line of argument by telling a public forum last week that he has lost confidence in the Integrity Commission.

Minister Robinson-Regis has told different stories about the $93,000 deposit. Was it part cash, part cheques ? Was it all cash ? The Minister also gave differing accounts of why the money was being transferred.

The new-found creation of a "tribunal" consisting of Rowley and Al-Rawi cannot wash away the Minister's public utterances. Their "tribunal" does not answer what happened between the withdrawal from Republic Bank and the deposit in First Citizens Bank. Was there a differential between the original sum withdrawn and the subsequent sum deposited ? Why was the entire transaction conducted in cash and not a mixture of cash and cheques as the Minister said or even all in a manager's cheque for that matter.

The Attorney General sounds very smooth with his rattling off of his own questions and his own answers to those questions. This seems more like a case of "methinks he doth protest too much".

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