Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lee Sing's daughter-in-law endorses Keith Rowley for PNM leader

Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing
Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing has endorsed Keith Rowley for the leadership of the People's National Movement, noting that a big percentage of the people of Arima are "solidly endorsing Rowley”. 

Lezama-Lee Sing was the PNM candidate for Arima in the 2010 general election who was chosen to replace Pennelope Beckles-Robinson, who was the previous MP for Arima. Lezama-Lee Sing lost to the Congress of the People (COP) candidate Rodger Samuel.

Lezama-Lee Sing's father-in-law, Louis Lee Sing, is one of the harshest critics of Rowley. This is not the first time that the family has found itself on opposite sides of the political divide.

When she walked with Patrick Manning on his "democracy march" from Port of Spain to San Fernando her father-in-law called Manning's stunt "foolishness" and suggested that the former prime minister should retire and open a church.

Laurel Lezama, (with cap) is embraced by former People’s National Movement (PNM) Youth Officer Dion Jeffers as they walk with former PM Patrick Manning from Port-of-Spain to San Fernando.
This week the Express newspaper published a four-part commentary by Louis Lee Sing in which he made an argument against Rowley, stating the the PNM leader is not fit to lead the party or the country. That has opened up an acrimonious debate on social media in which Rowley's supporters have denounced the former mayor of Port of Spain as ungrateful.

At the meeting on Thursday night at which Lezama-Lee Singh expressed her support for Rowley, Fitzgerald Hinds poured salt in the wound by saying that Lezama-Lee Sing spoke on behalf of "the sensible elements of the Lee Sing family”.

And PNM Public Relations Officer Faris Al-Rawi slammed Louis Lee Sing saying Rowley has maintained "a studious silence" to Lee Sing’s criticism because Lee Sing’s arguments had not reached "the level of intellectual discourse needed to generate a response from the leader".

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