Thursday, March 20, 2014

WASA pipeline project to boost supplies to 275,000 South Trinidad consumers

The Water and Sewerage Authoirity (WASA) is investing $300 million to boost water supplies in South Trinidad.

Water and Environment Minister Ganga Singh made the announcement Wednesday at the launch of the launch of the Caroni South Trunk Main Dualling project, which is a pipeline project from Caroni to South Trinidad.

The project involves the installation of pipelines from the Caroni Water Treatment Plant to the San Fernando Booster Station.

Singh said the project will spans 40 kilometres of 44-inch and 36-inch ductile iron mains. "This project would improve the reliability and security of the service to an estimated 275,000 residents in Central and South Trinidad," he said.

"It will provide redundancy in the transmission system. This means if for any reason there is a failure along the existing main, the new main will continue to supply potable water to Central and South Trinidad,” he added.

He noted that more than 200 homes have been built over the existing transmission line. "We have sent notices to these people telling them it is a real hazard that if that main was to burst that they would put their lives in jeopardy," he said.

Singh said over the past three years, WASA completed 789 pipeline projects at a cost of almost $767 million. He also stated that at the end of February, 57 per cent of the population in Trinidad has a 24/7 water supply, an increase from 18 per cent in 2010. He added that by August all persons in Tobago should have a 24/7 water supply.

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