Thursday, March 20, 2014

Media prefer bachannal, not interesed in policies: Penny

Penny listens - Guardian photo
Pennelope 'Penny' Beckles-Robinson took a swipe at the media on Wednesday saying that they are more interested in bachannal than her programmes and policies.

She made the point at public forum titled: "Women and Political Power: A Right to Lead" hosted by the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the Centre for Language Learning, at the St Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies.

Beckles-Robinson said, "The truth is the media does not cover you when you talk about policy."

She said on Tuesday night she dealt at length with her programmes and policies and spoke for almost 90 minutes about health care, women issues, gender, crime, housing, youth and unemployment. But she suggested that may not be of interest because it not "going to sell the newspapers". The stated that media reports are about "the bacchanal, the banter and the mudslinging".

The candidate for the PNM leadership added, "It appears as though policies are not what they want to report about. She promised she would present a document on her policies at the appropriate time.

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