Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letter: Dotish, dangerous soca lyrics rotting T&T

Ironically, the soca songs which promote tribalism, violence, immorality, and foolish decision-making set the tone each year towards further devolving T&T by preaching subliminally to the nation to do dumb and deadly acts.
The song Rolly Polly promotes obesity. The song Big People Party tells children that the way to have fun as an adult is to be an alcoholic, to indulge in lewd acts, and so on. The song Mash Up says go destroy—mash up rather than build and nurture. The song Happiest Man Alive says drink rum and deny reality to achieve success. The song I Want To Be Your Normal Man says destroying families to fulfil sexual lust is okay.
When will the National Security Minister recognise these lyrical attacks on the nation contribute to the annually repeating problems? It is nonsense that those who sing these nation-destroying songs get paid to do so. National Security shuts up union leaders on the premise that their words incite people to disturb the peace. Here, soca people blatantly preach inciting messages, calling the population to do all manner of nonsense. Nothing is done to silence them.

They refresh their call to mash up the nation each year prior to Christmas, reinforcing it as the first order of national scale business from January 1 each year, under the guise of Carnival culture. Whose culture is this nonsense?
This nation spends over four billion a year of tax dollars on implementation of counter-measures to undo the damage brought on by immoral, violence-inciting soca lyrics. The cost of crime fighting would be less if soca artistes weren’t working up the nation, telling them to go cause trouble—glorifying nonsense with an attitude.
Sarah Parks
(reproduced unedited from the Sunday Guardian)

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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