Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glenn thanks PM, remains committed to service T&T

Reproduced unedited from the page glennforthepeople


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Mrs Persad-Bissessar. Those were the days before she assumed the mantle of Premiership, and in those days, conversations were simpler and time was spent on discussing the challenges facing us all as a Nation, in contrast to supervising and executing the work of government.

Through those conversations I gained a deep understanding of the person, and her burning desire to make a national contribution so that her son and his children, her nieces and other relatives would be safe, and able to live their lives as they chose, in the neighbourhoods they chose.

Now as Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar is committed to ensuring that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago share equally in the good fortune of our Nation’s resources. For some citizens, this would be measured by the heights of towers in Port of Spain. But for most citizens, BECAUSE LIFE IS LIVED OUTSIDE OF THE CITIES, the Prime Minister has insisted that the development of schools, hospitals and other public buildings must take into account where citizens live. And so THE RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES WERE STARTED. These are not the only programmes, but THEY ARE UNIQUE TO OUR PARTY.

It is her compassion for her fellow citizens which lured me out of my veterinarian career. It is her willingness to pursue consensus in a democratic manner which excited me about becoming a Minister in her Cabinet. HER ASSIGNMENT OF THE MINISTRY OF THE PEOPLE AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT TO MYSELF, ALLOWED ME TO DEVELOP A KEEN PASSION FOR THE UNDER-SERVED AND THE UNDERPRIVILEGED IN OUR SOCIETY.

But there are still too many under-served and underprivileged citizens in our Society. The fight for the financially vulnerable is not over.

It is the quality of her National Vision that has brought our Nation thus far, and it is her leadership that will transform our Nation into a place we will be proud to call our own, and to hand down to our children and to their children after them.


And I will continue making a contribution towards developing our Nation into a better place.
- Glenn Ramadhar Singh

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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