Saturday, February 8, 2014

UNC exec. condemns Rowley for "contemptuous" remarks about week of prayer

The National Executive of the United National Congress (UNC) has joined the party’s Political Leader, Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar in condemning Dr. Keith Rowley for what it calls "his intemperate and contemptuous remarks over the recent National Week of Prayer".

The condemnation came in a statement issued following the party’s executive meeting held on Wednesday night.

The executive noted with "utter consternation" that Dr. Rowley, Political Leader of the PNM had made disparaging remarks about the decision by the Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration to have the national community, covering our diverse faiths and beliefs, but with a common purpose, join in a collective week of Prayer.

“What more can we say when a prominent figure, seeking to lead this Nation, could reduce himself and his political organisation to such an absurd position to criticise what has been hailed by all our religious leaders, a coming together of all us people to join in seeking divine dispensation from the Almighty”, the statement added.

Dr. Rowley made his remarks as he continued his campaign to seek renewal of his position as political leaders of the PNM. Speaking to party supporters in San Fernando East, the constituency of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, he vowed “I not praying next to them”.

The UNC Executive statement made reference to the magnanimity displayed by Prime Minister Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar in inviting Dr. Rowley to join her to travel to South Africa for the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela.

“We would have hoped that the manifest and noble lessons of the late iconic world leader, Mr. Mandela, would have inculcated a new sense of national pride and patriotism, but sadly, the traditional and now enhanced divisiveness continues to be a hallmark of the Political leader of the PNM.

“The PNM has clearly demonstrated that in its quest to form the next Government, it will not support the Government and in fact will consciously and deliberately frustrate every effort which seeks to bring comfort and stability to the citizens of our Nation.

“It is a new low however, when a party, through its Political Leader, would heap scorn on a unifying effort such as a National Week of Prayer, to the point of actually refusing to join the exercise.

“We pray that the Almighty will give wisdom and guidance to Dr. Rowley in this matter”

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