Sunday, February 2, 2014

No compromise, no cover up in drug investigation: Griffith

Gary Griffith 

Gary Griffith is emphatic that there will be no cover up in the investigation into the export of cocaine to the United States with a value of $644 million. American officials seized the drugs last December and a team from the DEA's office is in Trinidad conducting investigations.  
The Sunday Guardian said it interviewed the national security minister who gave the paper his assurance. "I swore an oath to this country and let me tell you this, if it turns out to be someone in Government, someone in Opposition, even if it’s one of my own family members, they are going down for this,” the paper quoted Griffith as saying.
The Guardian said Griffith is also keeping details of the investigations on a need-to-know basis, which means not even cabinet members are aware of the details. However, he said that is not because of a lack of trust in his colleagues.
"We still have that banana republic thinking that Government needs to be involved in everything, and that is not so. There should be no politics in national security. There is no place for it, because national security is for the whole country,” he told the paper.
He said the country comes first and his job is to ensure that he does whatever it takes to ensure T&T is no longer a major transshipment point for drugs.
He said the seizure of the drugs is a good thing. "The more drugs seized via using our country as a transshipment point, then the better for us," he stated.
“My immediate priority in this illegal drug trade is to stop it in our country. The only persons who should be concerned over recent major drug busts are criminals themselves, as it is their trade that is being stifled here,” he said.

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