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Guest commenty: Rowley is a failed leader; he's not the answer! - by Phillip Edward Alexander

by Phillip Edward Alexander | Social & Political Activist
File: Keith Rowley

The most damning indictment against Dr. Keith Rowley's leadership or lack thereof is the fact that the constituency of which he is MP became a hot spot on his watch.

I have lived in Diego Martin for most of my life, many of those years in the constituency of Diego Martin West, and I can tell you, were it not for the self reliance on the vast middle class communities to protect themselves and keep the criminal element at bay Diego Martin would have been worse than Beetham by now.

The people of Carenage weep for a savior, someone to come along and shine a light to their path, to give them hope that someone cares and that something could be done to alleviate their suffering.

The people of Richplain have become prey to a murderous criminal element that operates almost at will. Factory Road, Covigne and Bagatelle are internationally notorious now, with one of the worst murders in this country's history taking place in the car park of a police station in broad daylight, the victim driving into the car park seeking protection but was killed before the police even knew she was there, when the PNM was last in power.

Prior to much of the unchecked development that took place in Diego Martin on his watch Diego Martin was never in the news for flooding. Yet as MP he never thought to enquire as to where the run off from the doubling of the Crystal Stream highway to Diamond Vale would go, yet so broken are the PNM supporters that they would rather blame God, the sky and the people who don't sweep the river, rather than face the fact that their leader, their Member of Parliament is either incompetent or just doesn't care.

I ask again how the multi-story mega complex was built in Shorelands when Rowley was both MP and Planning Minister, despite having been refused planning permission and against the wishes of the residents of the community into which the monstrosity was built?

Was one of the developers a then PNM Minister? Is he now a part of the small handful of Rowley financiers rumored to be pulling Rowley's strings?

Ignore all of that for a minute and focus on the dysfunctionality of the man.

A brilliant barking dog if what you need is a dog to bark, Keith Rowley's stint as political leader of the PNM is a contradiction among contradictions. Willing to visit La Brea over oil spills he still refuses to touch ground in Beetham and Laventille West where they are waiting for him to answer questions as to why they have been treated so badly, why they have been left so far behind. With a figurative arm outstretched he courts Fyzabad, promising to lead them out of bondage even while the people who already took that chain up are wandering in circles in the desert.

He has never articulated a plan much less a vision for either his constituency, the country or its people, yet he wants you to 'trust him' because he points out the faults of others.

What of his faults?

  • Have we ever gotten a satisfactory resolution on Landate?
  • A proper explanation on what took place at Cleaver Heights?
  • And what of his on again off again now on again relationship with Calder Hart?
Again, ignore all of that for a minute and think about this:

This country has an entrenched drug trading, money laundering narco-empire because the government of which he was a part either facilitated it or failed to do anything to stop it.

Our health care system is a mess because the governments of which he was a senior member either failed to use the trillions of dollars at its disposal to fix it or they were incompetent.

The people of Morvant, Beetham, Laventille, Sea Lots, Covigne, Richplain and Bagatelle are so woefully under developed, so desperate that they are reacting violently and killing each other and themselves either because the party of which he is now leader could not care less or worse, they wanted the people so broken, so hopelessly dependent on a political organization for their daily survival they would have no choice but to give them their votes at election time.

Our education system went from being among the highest in he world to a joke with the advent of the Junior Secondary Senior Comprehensive nonsense that made fools of our young people and wasted their potential and their lives, a PNM policy now in the dustbin.

I could go on and on but the point is made.

We have choices you and I, we can continue to play this beauty queen game of politics, where I vote for who I like whether they can do the job or not, or we could vote for people we don't necessarily have to like but who are capable of doing the job.

Elections are about we the people as boss and government hopeful as employees, who are hired to use the resources of the state to make life better for everyone.

Outside of a handful of now super rich mega financiers and the few who were close enough to the trough to pick up what they dropped while feeding, who in this country could ever say that they were better off because of the PNM?


I mean if you were fortunate enough to get a state credit card to pay for your foreign fertility treatments or were a cloth salesman who got the contract to build hundreds of schools surely you were, but who else?

Forget about that.
  • What happened to culture and diversity under the PNM?
  • What happened to Caroni Limited and everyone employed there when they came up against the spite and bad mind of Manning and Rahael?
Anytime a PNM supporter tries to convince you that the PNM is the solution to Trinidad & Tobago ask them to explain the deplorable conditions of the people of Port of Spain South, Port of Spain East, Laventille, Sea Lots and Beetham.

Ask them to explain

  • Tarouba
  • The Scarborough hospital
Listen to their responses.

Phillip Edward Alexander | Social & Political Activist

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