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Enill says he is not ILP, just a consultant doing his job

File: Conrad Enill
Conrad Enill is a former People’s National Movement (PNM) energy minister and was also the party's chairman. So when he went to a meeting with the Oilfield Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) with Jack Warner, tongues started wagging and reporters had questions.

Has the top PNM member switched parties and is now a member of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP), which Warner leads? Or was he just with Warner representing PNM interests since the PNM and the OWTU have a vested interest in the subject under discussion?

"No, no. You saw me at no ILP event," Enill told enquiring reporters. "You saw me with Jack Warner and the OWTU in the capacity of an independent energy consultant. That is what you saw."

The ILP described him that way too in a media release. 

Enill told reporters he is known globally as an energy and financial consultant so when Warner asked for his help on this particular matter of meeting with the OWTU he decided to help Warner "understand" some issues.

"On this particular occasion, that was the assignment. If there is an opportunity for another matter, then I will deal with it," Enill told the Express newspaper. "All I have done is sat in at a meeting to cla­rify issues and explain certain things. As we speak, my assignment on that matter is finished."

Enill told the paper he no longer holds any position in the party and has to earn a living through his talents as a consultant.

"I work for governments, I work for political parties, for organisations and for private-sector companies. And Jack Warner is one of them,” he said. He explained that people should not have a problem with his association with Warner because all he is doing is building his professional practice.

Enill was the PNM’s 2010 general election campaign manager and quit as chairman of the party after the 29-12 defeat. He did not seek reelection on the party's executive. He remains a member of the PNM general council but doesn't attend meetings regularly because of his busy professional schedule, he said.

The PNM has also met with the OWTU and this meeting with a former PNM energy minister to discuss matters relating to the oil spill at Petrotrin has raised questions about whether this is part of a budding partnership involving the ILP, PNM and OWTU. 

The Express said Rowley said he did not wish to comment on the matter.

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