Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whistleblower cooperating with investigators on $640M cocaine shipment to US

The Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday that a local whistle-blower has provided a detailed statement to local law enforcement and visiting Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials with respect to the export of cocaine valued at $640 million was exported to the United States.

The paper said the person gave the officials details on how a group of transnational drug dealers shipped the prime grade cocaine from Port-of-Spain to Norfolk, Virginia last month. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized the drugs on December 20. The drugs were concealed in more than 700 cans of Trinidad Juice.

The Guardian report said, "Based on the whistle-blower’s information, three people who have been described as “businesspeople,” have been identified as primary suspects in the case. 

"A local broker has also been highlighted as a key person of interest in the ongoing probe. Investigators are also trying to determine whether Caribbean Sea Works Ltd, the company which requested an empty container from local transport company Basics Transport Ltd in order to ship what turned out to be illegal cargo, is a legitimate entity."

The paper said the law enforcement team interviewed 
Apollo Arjoon, director of Basics Transport Ltd, who said a broker contacted him with a request to supply an empty container on behalf of Caribbean Sea Works. He explained that he did not have a phone number for the company and that he has never met any of its representatives.

The paper quoted Arjoon as saying that the broker provides all the relevant documents for the transaction so there is no need for Arjoon's company to meet the shipping company. The Guardian said Arjoon added that he has been working for Caribbean Sea Works Ltd for three years through a broker. During that time, he said, he did not know the owner or directors of the company.

With respect to the last transaction he said he delivered an empty container to be loaded on behalf of the company in Port-of-Spain on November 7. It was picked up and loaded the same day, he said.

He explained further that when a container is stuffed a customs seal is placed on it and he cannot break that seal to see what's inside. He also said he does not witness the packing of the container.  "My objective is to deliver the container to the client and then pick it up after," the Guardian quoted him as sayng.

Arjoon said he gave a statement to the port police and would reveal contact information for the broker to the police. He further directed the paper to the shipping line Mediterranean Shipping Company whose manager stated that she could not provide any information since she was working with "the relevant agencies in the investigation".

The Guardian said its checks with the relevant state agencies revealed that there is no listing for Caribbean Sea Works Ltd. A phone directory listing for Caribbean Sea Works Ltd had a number that doesn't work and an address at 107 Windy Ridge Road, Goodwood Park, Trinidad has no compnay by that name.

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