Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vasant not challenging Kamla for UNC leadership

File: Vasant Bharath
Sources close to the United National Congress (UNC) have confirmed to JYOTI that Vasant Bharath has no intention of running for the leadership of the UNC in the party's internal election due this year. The election would be for the full executive, including the political leader.

Bharath will address the media on this issue Sunday afternoon at the launch of the national day week of prayer at NAPA in Port of Spain. UNC sources say he would endorse his leader and pledge his full support for Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

One local media report stated that Bharath has been walking in Chaguanas West drumming up support and that he has the blessing of both Basdeo Panday, the former leader of the party, and Jack Warner, a former UNC chairman and current leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP). The report said Warner is contemplating returning to the UNC under a new leadership.

Warner ran against Bharath in 2010 for the post of chairman of the UNC and soundly defeated Bharath. 

He told the Guardian newspaper the talk of his support for Bharath for leader of the UNC is unfounded. He said he has heard the talk about Bharath from some UNC sources. However he stated that Bharath doesn't have what it takes to take over the UNC. “Not in our collective lifetime,” he told Sunday Guardian.

Bharath told the Guardian he has been walking in Chaguanas West with the blessing of his leader. “I have been walking around that area to assist the needy people,” he said.

The UNC might be considering Bharath as the candidate for Chaguanas West. He is currently a Senator, which does not give him security of tenure in Parliament. He is a former MP for St Augustine. In the 2010 election then party asked him to stand down to allow COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar to run for the seat.

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