Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jack mourns Mills; applauds her commitment to truth, balance and fairness

The Political leader of the Independent Liberal party, Jack Warner, issued the statement below on the death of Therese Mills:

Therese Mills, founding Editor in Chief of the Newsday is no longer with us and the field of journalism today is much poorer at her passing.

Her sterling contribution to the development of media in Trinidad and Tobago will never be forgotten neither will be the work that she has done in mentoring young journalists who themselves have gone on to contribute so much to media development in our rainbow country.

Ms. Mills has demonstrated that against all odds she possessed the tenacity to be excellent, rising to the top in a male dominated world and shattering the glass ceiling to emerge as the first female editor and female founder of a media house.

Her work must be applauded not merely for these achievements but also for the quality of work she demanded and produced.

One cannot argue that here was one who was committed to truth, fair reporting and the presentation of balanced editorials.

She epitomized excellence in her field and if ever there was one who could have easily walked on to and excel globally in the world of journalism then Therese Mills is that one.

Today the ILP and I mourn for her loss. We are sad at her passing but we can celebrate her life. There is so much that we could have still learned from Ms. Mills; so much which we still could have been taught, however, we cannot and should not let her lessons be in vain.

As the Political Leader of the Independent Liberal Party and Publisher of the Sunshine I wish to express condolences to Ms. Mills' family both at home and at the Newsday.

May God comfort us all during this period of grief as we mourn the loss of one of our famous daughters.

Jack Warner | Political Leader, Independent Liberal Party
January 2, 2014

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