Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Guest commentary - Where's the compassion - by Phillip Edward Alexander

As the first term of the People's Partnership draws to a close, and with constitutionally due elections just around the corner, it is expected that the lead Opposition would be agitating for attention in the hopes that it could improve its stocks come election time. 

What ought not to be accepted is the hand of any opposition parties in any plans or plots to destabilize the democratically elected government or to engage in subterfuge against the state, yet this is what is being rumored. 

Can it be that, with the death of the vote splitting ILP, and with no hope of anything else to come to their aid, the surety of defeat in the upcoming general election is far too much to bear for the now heavily invested thinly disguized investor cabal behind the Rowley PNM?

Desperate people are known to make desperate decisions, and i believe that it is time that the PNM and its handful of overly zealous supporters be cautioned that they do not get reckless in their desperation.

Regardless of the underplay of the coincidence of eleven oil spills out of no where over the Christmas the fact remains that someone with motive to make the government look bad was involved in sabotage, and while i cannot lay the blame at the feet of the official opposition without hard evidence, it is worthy of note that as of this writing none of that organization's spokes people have condemned the sabotage or called on the nation and their supporters to resist any such behavior.

Is it that, as to Dr. Rowley's mind the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so the spill that makes the government look bad is okay with him?

Surely he is not that simple in his own zeal. Or is he?

What about the nineteen murders in seven days? Has he, as a civic leader and someone to whom the interests of the living and those left to mourn the dead abdicated his responsibility to the wider society by calling for peace?

Is the fact that the overwhelming majority of the warring and the killing is taking place in predominantly PNM stronghold communities lost on him? Or is he preferring to not see that?

Whatever the reasons for his lack of real compassion here for those who suffer, i put to the national community that anyone to whom tragedy is a gain and whose motives are furnished by the tears of others cannot be considered Prime Minister material.

Dr. Keith Rowley once again stands exposed as a man with no real plan for anyone outside of his own ambitions and again this is why i continue to expose him for the political fraud that he is.

His silence on the Calder Hart issue that shot him to fame is disturbing at the very least. For the man who stood in the Parliament and accused then Prime Minister Patrick Manning of having fore knowledge of massive corruption and bid rigging in UDECOTT ten times worse than Piarco to go so completely silent on the issue once the same Manning was removed from his way speaks volumes and begs many questions, one that we need answers to before he is allowed to go any further.

To build a political career on the promise of dry docking and court martialing and then turn around and instead embrace everything his former leader did was doing and planned to do rings as hollow as his rebranding of the Manning vision 2020 to his own Vision 2030 and his now 'friend' Calder Hart.

It is clear that the PNM as a party has crashed with the collapse of the Manning regime in 2010, and this seat warmer, this puppet for eager financiers is of no substantive value to anyone outside of his own ambitions and those ambitions sadly need to be stillborn before they cause any further harm.

Phillip Edward Alexander

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