Friday, January 3, 2014

Clear evidence of sabotage at Petrotrin

Petrotrin Chairman Lindsay Gillette speaks to the media.
Petrotrin President Khalid Hassanali is on his left
Petrotrin officials told the National Security Council (NSC) Thursday there is clear evidence that two of the 11 oil spills at Petrotrin were acts of sabotage. 

The Petrotrin team that met with the NSC included then company's president Khalid Hassanali; vice-president, exploration and production Jamaludin Khan; manager, health, safety and environment Shyam Dyal; chief security officer Cleve Richards and chairman Lindsay Gillette.

Gillette told reporters about the energy company's findings at a media briefing following a meeting with the NSC to report the findings of the company's investigators. He said evidence of sabotage was reported to the police and Petrotrin is doing joint patrols of the areas under watch. The Defence Force and the police have also stepped up security, he added.

The Petrotrin team found that two three-inch bull plugs were removed from the Rancho Quemado field operated by Trinity. In addition they said a 16-inch flange from Riser Platform Five at Point Fortin was deliberately tampered with. They noted that highly specialised tools are required to do these things.

Gillette said four of the spills reported between December 17 and 29 were related to Petrotrin’s refinery and exploration and production operations. Another four spills were traced to the Trinity Platform, and one to Neal & Massy Energy Services Ltd, both Petrotrin joint venture partners.

He said so far investigators have not been able to identify a source for the last two spills.

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