Tuesday, January 7, 2014

60% of 2013 murders related to criminal activities; Griffith to focus on gangs

Gary Griffith: "Of the 405 murders, 197 of the killings were gang-related while 47 were drug-related."
National Security Minister Gary Griffith has told local media six out of every 10 persons murdered in 2013 were involved in what he called serious criminal activity. 

He made the comment in an interview with the Express newspaper. He noted that the majority of killins were criminals killing criminals.

Griffith told the paper official records from the police show that of the 405 murders in 2013, a total of 197 were gang-related and 47 were drug-related.

“I know people might be upset with what I am saying but don’t get upset with me don’t shoot the messenger...These are computerised statistics that are facts," Griffith told the paper.

“So what I am saying is...that 244 of the 405 persons...were involved in serious criminal activities,” he said.

“If you are involved in a heavy life of crime, if you are involved in trying to kill other people, if you are involved in drugs it is very difficult for the police to try to protect you,” he said.

“What the facts have shown is that those persons who are law-abiding citizens that there has been a 43 per cent reduction in every single major criminal activity involving law abiding citizens,” Griffith said.

“If you are not involved in criminal activities, you are a law-abiding citizen of this country, there has been a reduction in persons like that who have been kidnapped, robbed, raped, vehicles stolen and murdered...

“What I am saying is a scientific fact. I did this not to try to play with statistics but to show that I needed this for us to analyse exactly where the problem lies for us to focus our resources,” Griffith said.

“Data will show worldwide that if major criminal activities go up, the homicide rate goes up, it follows it almost the same and vice versa...

“In this case we have almost every single major criminal activity going down but the murder rate is staying the same thing so something is wrong and the reason for it is because of this situation with gang warfare and gang members shooting other gang members and fighting for turf,” Griffith told the Express.

Griffith said law abiding citizens can help fight crime. "One thing to cause this situation to stop even faster is trying to get the 1.3 million law-abiding citizens to bring the gang leaders to justice,” he said.

“Once we get these main individuals, the rest of the gangs will dismantle. If the gangs dismantle you are talking about over 200 less murders per annum,” Griffith said.
He added, “Our focus now is dealing with the gangs. We are fully aware of what we are required to do and we are doing it."

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