Wednesday, December 25, 2013

President Anthony Carmona's Christmas message: Let us be more like Jesus

T&T President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona
Christmas has always been a time of great anticipation and hope. Children eagerly await the time to open presents and people everywhere await the arrival of loved ones both here and abroad.

The same anticipation was felt some 2050 years ago when the heavens stood still for the long awaited birth of Jesus Christ. We must always remember that He is the true reason for the season.

Jesus Christ’s life on earth embodies how we, as citizens of this Republic, should live, not only at Christmas time, but all throughout the year. 

I want to encourage us to be more like Him every day and in every way. We must be kind and compassionate, we must be patient, we must be humble, we must be generous and forgiving, we must be our brother’s and sister’s keeper, we must be champions of righteousness and the protectors of the innocent and the helpless. 

We have a responsibility to ourselves, each other and to our children to perpetuate peace in all its forms. We must become disciples of peace and tranquility. We need this now more than ever.

Just as the infant Jesus symbolized hope and the light of the world, at this time we must ensure that our lights shine and that we become beacons of hope and a people of vision in this blessed Republic.

I want to remind the nation that Christmas is not only about the festivity and merriment, but about the moments that make the memories. 

Take the time to remember the less fortunate, both here and abroad, and extend a hand of brotherly and sisterly love and goodwill to others. Remember that the time shared with friends, family and loved ones at Christmas is what makes the season bright and joyous, and that it is in giving unreservedly from the heart that the magic of Christmas becomes alive.

My wife Reema, our children, Christian and Anura and I would like to wish everyone a Holy and Blessed Christmas.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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