Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photo story: PM Kamla respects all cultures

JYOTI is publishing this composite picture of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to show that the PM has always recognised all cultures and whenever the occasion demanded it she dressed appropriately to suit the religious and cultuiral event.
Please read the commentary below by Phillip Edward Alexander:

Comedian Rachel Price has demonstrated her lack of understanding and sensitivity by doing openly what she accuses the Prime Minister of doing inadvertently and alienates the entire non-black, non-Afro-Trinidadian from her audience with her comedic racist vitriol.

Served up under the guise of 'tongue in cheek' humor, Rachel takes on the Prime Minister for choosing to wear authentic African attire at the funeral for Nelson Mandela in South Africa, leaving other questions unasked or answered.

And what may be even worse is that she appears to have failed to take into account that, by her own words, she denigrates and insults every person of African descent simply because of the way THEY dress if THEY don't wear African inspired clothing.


Because if one were to continue on in the vein of her 'logic' and based entirely on the flip side of what she says in her open attack on the PM's choice of attire for Mandela's funeral, every African who wears anything BUT African garb is, at the very least confused as to their heritage because, based solely on Price's logic, if Kamla should NOT be wearing black people's clothes, then surely black people should not be wearing European people's clothes either.

I mean, logic is logical, right?

And it goes on. The fact that she, Price, has never been able to wear African attire herself, begs the question as to who exactly does she Price think African clothing is for?

Or is it that Rachel is ashamed of African attire, and unlike the Prime Minister who willingly embraces ALL cultures, is only content to emulate her former masters so she could 'fit in?'

In the times of slavery that was referred to as 'house negro' thinking, coined for the slaves who would do anything to differentiate themselves from anything African so as to get themselves closer to sleeping in 'massa' house.

Over to you powder puff....

Phillip Edward Alexander
Social & Political Activist

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