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OBIT: Chutney star Rajin Dhanraj dies after prolonged illness

File: Rajin Dhanraj
Chutney star Rajin Dhanraj died Friday morning at his home in Central Trinidad. He was 25.

Dhanraj was discharged from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex about a week ago. 

He had been there since September for a medical condition that was listed as critical. Media reports say doctors were not sure what was the singer's medical problem.

Dhanraj was being fed Intravenously, and being monitored at the hospital's Intensive Cafe unit.

In October the Newsday newspaper reported that Dhanraj was unable to recognise anyone, including his wife, Vana Sinanan. 

The hospital restricted visitors to his bedside on the instructions of doctors. The paper said "doctors treating Dhanraj remain baffled as to why he remains in a semi-conscious state as all tests carried out thus far to ascertain the cause of his condition have proven to be inconclusive."

Up to his death, his medical condition remained uncertain.

An Internet posting from a mobile phone on Dhanraj's FB wall in October stated:
"God I need u. What has happened to me. Am I leaving here to come to you. Lord why is someone so close to me (who I could call my own) doing me bad. There is so much evil. My condition is not medical. I need you lord. Please take this all away. I want my life back."

Dhanraj sprung to fame in 2008 with the mega hit "Go nah", which was rejigged for the 2010 general election campaign and used by the People's Partnership. The song was completed rejigged to suit the politics of the day in favour of the partnership.

The exposure on the political stage worked well for Dhanraj who went on to take first place and $100,000 at the 2011 National Chutney Monarch competition. The "Election Fever 2" event, was hosted by the National Chutney Foundation at Sting Nightclub in La Romaine.

Dhanraj sang his election hit "Patrick Leave and Go Nah", with the tag line "Go nah Patrick, leave and go nah. We voting for Kamla. Go nah, boy go nah...".

Here is the original "Go nah" music video:

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