Thursday, December 19, 2013

Letter: Activist questions role of media

Today (Thursday Dec. 19) the media were invited to a post Cabinet press conference where some monumental announcements were made, and TV6 chose to bury the announcements and in fact only barely alluded to one.

CCN TV6 and the Express has an agenda, and it is so patently obvious now it is almost funny.

This is what was announced today:

The General Hospital is going to become a massive medical campus complete with multiples of disciplines including cancer, cardio and opthamology, will straddle Charlotte Street and be connected by a skywalk. It will provide multi level parking and be self contained.

TV6 - That was a top story.

Also announced was the joint venture between a Maryland based NGO, the Catholic Church and the Ministry of Planning, utilizing PSIP to create a multi discipline vocational mini university between Belmont and Morvant.

TV6 - That was a top story.

The Youth and Gender Development Ministry announced the ground breaking of multiples of facilities including much needed transition homes for orphans who age out of the system at 16 with no where to go, relief centers for rescues and finally youth remand facilities in Orange Grove for both male and female juveniles to hold and treat. This would undo the ignoble atrocity of little girls being sent to the women's Prison, and TV6 - compared to oil on boats, THAT was a top story.

And as if that were not enough, the Attorney General announced that 180 million dollars will be spent creating a family court in San Fernando to free up the Magistrate's and High Courts to be able to clear up their own backlog. Believe it or not, the acquisition of property and the expansion of this system took some doing, and in any fair and impartial newsroom, that could have been the top story.

And then there was the fact that the government had offered a whopping 20% rebate on rice, flour and oil for two days before Christmas, immediately impacting on the lives of over five hundred thousand people for the season, and for the estimated two hundred thousand who are living below the poverty line, meant the difference between eating well and eating at all for the Christmas.

No matter how biased and improper your political stance TV6 - That, that was always your top story.

Phillip Edward Alexander,
Social & Political Activist

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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