Friday, December 20, 2013

$192M approved for youth facilities

Local Government Minister Marlene Coudray told reporters Thursday the cabinet has approved $191,928,000 to build 10 youth facilities across the country. It's part of a plan to reduce the social stresses on families and the nation’s youth, she stated. 

Coudray made the announcement at the post-Cabinet media briefing on behalf of her cabinet colleague 
Clifton De Coteau, Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development. 

"The Ministry has recognised the need for the creation of physical infrastructure and the need for the introduction of psychological and social support in the delivery of its services. Today, Cabinet has confirmed its agreement that new construction projects take place with an estimated cost of $191,928,000,” Coudray stated.

She said there will will two assessment centres, one regional, at Ste Madeline, and the other centre at Chaguanas. 

In addition there will be be "three safe houses—one for males at Ste Madeline and two for females, one at Princes Town, the other at Guayaguayare; one transitional home for males and the other for females—no sites have yet been identified. The other big one is the institute of healing and this will be at Chatham, in south Trinidad, and two remand homes for young offenders in the Orange Grove area, as well as a multi-purpose facility at Ste Madeline,” the Minister added.

Coudray said the construction cost would be $156,908,000 with the rest of the money to be invested in furniture, fixtures and equipment, as well as consultancy fees, project management and construction services to be provided by National Insurance Property Development Company Ltd (Nipdec).

The minister said the two assessment centres will support the new child protection framework for the Children’s Authority and will be used to assess neglected, at risk or abused children.

She added that the Government recognises that youth leaving community residences need physical and emotional support to make the transition to adulthood. She explained that is why the state if investing in transitional living arrangements through single sex transitional homes.

Coudray added that the remand homes for males and females will be geared toward the welfare and protection of young people, in an environment that is "caring nurturing, stimulating and supporting the reduction of recidivism."

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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