Friday, December 13, 2013

10 gang leaders behind most T&T murders but they remain untouchable

National Security Minister Gary Griffith has said 10 known gang members are behind most of the murders in the country but they remain untouchable because of a lack of evidence in order to have the men arrested and prosecuted.

Griffith made this statement to reporters Thursday as he commented in the recent escalation in homicides. The Express newspaper quoted Griffith as saying authorities have identified the 10 gang leaders but they have nothing more.

And he called on the public to provide the police with the relevant information that could lead to those gang leaders being arrested and prosecuted. "And if you do not trust the police, come to me. Come directly to me," the paper quoted Griffith as saying.

He gave the assurance that people volunteering information would be protected with the introduction of an oline system to anonymously provide information.

“This is even more discreet than Crime Stoppers and 555, but we are not just looking for information on who may be carrying out the crime, but also information that could be used as evidence in court. There is always a witness to crime because there is no perfect crime. Clues are always left behind so we also need better crime scene investigations,” said Griffith.

“So the Ministry of National Security is also working with the Ministry of Justice in this regard. We have to send the message to the criminals that they cannot commit these crimes and get away with it. Once those gang leaders are locked away, the other so-called gang members will disintegrate,” he said.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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