Monday, November 11, 2013

TT govt committed to lowering greenhouse gases

Ramona Ramdial addresses delegates to the CARICOM Energy Week event Monday
The Trinidad and Tobago government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Junior environment minister Ramona Ramdial reiterated that commitment Monday at the launch of CARICOM Energy Week at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. 

The event aimed at raising awareness in relation to energy, in particular highlighting the critical importance of energy to the economic development of the country and the Caribbean region.

Ramdial said the government recognises that its heavy industrialisation contributed to the production of harmful greenhouse gases and its aware of the threats posed to the environment through global warming.

“We in Trinidad and Tobago can already detect subtle changes in the climate such as an increase in the intensity of the dry season, which has affected water availability and agricultural production," Ramdial said.

She added, "Within recent years we have also experienced short, intense episodes of rain resulting in severe flooding, land slippage and mudslides. The associated loss of property and lives, and agricultural production in these annual events have implications for food security, water availability and overall economic development of Trinidad and Tobago."

She gave the assurance that the government of which she is a part would continue to pursue policy and initiatives to increase the use of new and innovative technologies that have lower levels of emissions. In addition she said the government is committed to the use of clean energy technology such as natural gas and encourage the use of renewable energies that have zero emissions.

Ramdial encouraged attendees to be examples of sustainability, conservation and positive change and expressed hope that the private sector would partner with Government to help the country make the transition to a prosperous low carbon economy.

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