Monday, November 18, 2013

AG responds to Fixin TnT call for his resignation

From Attorney General Anand Ramlogan
File: AG Anand Ramlogan

The call by 'Fixin TnT' for my resignation is somewhat amusing. The issues raised are currently engaging the attention of the Integrity Commission and the allegations are all malicious and false. I will cooperate fully with this investigation to clear my name.

The Transport Commissioner, Mr Ruben Cato, has already confirmed in writing that the necessary legal requirements were met and that my vehicles were properly and lawfully registered. The fact that the same engine number was recorded on the certified copy for both vehicles was an error on the part of the Licensing Authority.

Both vehicles have since been presented to the licensing authority for inspection and the error (for which I am not responsible), has been rectified. This can be verified by the Transport Commissioner.

Mr Mark Navarro of Navarro's brokerage has also clarified the other issues which were caused by the different instructions which were apparently given by the customs officer regarding the completion of the customs documents by the broker.

In both cases, these are not matters in which I would have been involved and I expect that the facts presented to the Integrity Commission will clear my name. These facts will of course, be verified by the independent records and officers from the office of the Licensing Authority, Customs and Excise Department and Navarro's Brokerage.

I have nothing to fear and view Fixin TnT's call as of a wider political smear campaign and strategy. Fixin TnT is a party group or branch of the PNM. Their full page newspaper advertisements are financed by the PNM. No one knows how or when Mr Waithe was appointed leader of this obscure group that is masquerading as a legitimate voice.

In the interest of transparency I therefore repeat my unanswered questions to Mr Kirk Waithe:
1. Who are the members of Fixin TnT?
2. Who are the members of the Executive of Fixin TnT?
3.Who are the financiers of Fixin TnT?
4.Where is the Constitution for Fixin TnT?
5. Is it really a one-man organisation and you are hiding behind it's name to provide tactical support for the PNM?

Until Mr Waithe provides answers to these questions, I am afraid he'll just have to "wait" for my resignation.

Sunday 17th November, 2013.

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