Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Result by Corporation - PNM 7; UNC 5; 2 not decided

Click on any of the 14 corporations listed below (not on the map) to get the history/background and old standing of each corporation Colours are used to separate corporations and do not represent political standing. Tobago, which has its own House of Assembly, did not take part in this election. The PNM held three Corporations at the
time the corporations were dissolved; the PP held the other 11

PNM wins 7. UNC wins 5 - two not yet decided
  1. Port of Spain City Corporation PNM
  2. San Fernando City Corporation PNM
  3. Arima Borough Corporation PNM
  4. Chaguanas Borough Corporation PNM 3/UNC3/ILP 2
  5. Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation UNC (PP)
  6. Diego Martin Regional Corporation PNM
  7. Penal-Debe Regional Corporation UNC (PP)
  8. Point Fortin Borough Corporation TO BE DECIDED
  9. Princes Town Regional Corporation UNC (PP)
  10. Rio Claro-Mayaro Regional Corporation UNC (PP)
  11. San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation PNM
  12. Sangre Grande Regional Corporation PNM
  13. Siparia Regional Corporation UNC (PP)
  14. Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation (PNM)
UNC partners Congress of the People and NJAC did not win any of the corporations leaving control of the corporations in the hands of the UNC and PNM.
There are still 56 Aldermen seats to be declared - four for each corporation. The allocation would be based on the votes case in Monday's election using a Proportional Representation model. It's the first time such a system has been used in an election in the country.

The Congress of the People contested seats in five corporations

The EBC reported that 1,036, 721 persons were eligible to vote for the 427 candidates in Monday's election. They represented eight political parties, including three from the People's Partnership - UNC, COP and NJAC - as well as the opposition PNM and the new Independent Liberal Party (ILP). There were also a number of independent candidates for the 136 seats in the 14 corporations.

In the 2010 local government election, the Peoples Partnership
coalition won 99 seats in 11 of the Corporations. In that election only 39 per cent of the eletorate voted.

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