Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PP government gets tough on crime

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar extended words of comfort Monday night to a family that has been victimised by criminals in St Joseph and promised that the attackers would face the full consequences.

She was at the time speaking at a political meeting in Aranguez in support of Ian Alleyne, the United National Congress (UNC) candidate in the St Joseph byelection.

Here's what the PM said, as she promised to get tough on criminals:

"My friends, before I continue, I want you to join me in extending a brief word of solace and prayer to the Panchat family of Mountain View in St Joseph.

"Wayne, Allison and Lorenzo, we pray for your full recovery from this abhorrent attack on you in your homes and I make the commitment that those who attacked you will face the consequences!

"I know that crime and your personal safety remains a major concern. And even as we have measured progress in fighting violence and crime, it is not enough.

"This is why I have mandated the Minister of National Security, Captain Gary Griffith, to do all that he has to do to intensify the aggression in our war against crime and criminals.
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar with National Security Minister Gary Griffith
and Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams
"For too long, criminals were allowed to form themselves into a ruthless syndicate bringing terror and tragedy to law-abiding people of our country.

"In the three years since taking office, we have worked to roll back this tide brutality and just Friday, we delivered 228 additional cars to the Police Service.

"In the next two months, 234 more vehicles will be delivered which will substantially boost the Police Service’s response to all forms of crime and criminal behaviour.
Together with boosting the resources available to Police to respond quickly to your calls for help, the Ministry of National Security is in the process of implementing a Rapid Response Unit to work in partnership with the National Security Operations Centre (N.S.O.C.).

This strategy will deliver a swifter response to all criminal activity everywhere through:
  1. A bank of 77 modified police vehicles in the first instance
  2. The zoning of 15 regions across our country based on the volume of calls, population density and the available road network that provides the quickest response
  3. The assignment of 51 modified vehicles which will mean 3 or 4 vehicles continuously present and continuously in motion in each region
  4. The installation of GPS tracking in the modified vehicles to ensure that as distress calls come in, we can immediately identify and send the police offices nearest to the call who will be able to respond the fastest
  5. A deliberate move to increase regular visibility of police in each of the 15 regions to deter criminals from believing they can attack families with impunity
  6. A responsive collaboration with Helicopter, Ambulance and Fire services depending on the nature of the emergency calls

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