Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letter: Debates Commission needs to explain

If the press release from the PM's office (see full release below) represents the facts, then Chamber CEO Catherine Kumar must offer an explanation to the Nation why she hid the fact that the PM would not be taking part in the Leaders' Debate, although Kumar had this information since October 8th.

The Press Release explicitly states "The Prime Minister informed Catherine Kumar of the Debates Commission of this decision on the 8th October."

This is a serious allegation and is in keeping with the suspicion that the Chamber was all along on a ruse to con us.

Imagine the Nation has been kept in suspense in the last 24 hours when the
Chamber's CEO should have explained the situation a week ago. The Chamber
pretends to espouse business ethics, morality, anti-corruption and good
corporate governance, and here we are being taken for a ride.

I am copying this email to Moonilal Lalchan, President of the Chamber with
the expectation that he would now seek to protect his name, that of his
employer Atlantic Energy on whose behalf he is associated with the
Chamber, and that of the Chamber itself.

Michael Narine via FB chat group FREE SPEECH

The PM's release:


On October 3rd, the Trinidad and Tobago Debates Commission invited the main political parties to take part in two local election debates. There was speculation in the Trinidad Express newspaper and elsewhere, that the Prime Minister would take part in the leaders' debate. This was incorrect. At no time did the Prime Minister give any kind of commitment to participate, as the Debates Commission are in a position to confirm.

The People’s Partnership decided that, as both the UNC and COP are taking part in the local elections in their own right, and as one of the UNC's Deputy Political Leaders, Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, was to represent his party and the People's Partnership in the first debate, it would be appropriate for Mr Prakash Ramadhar, the Leader of the Congress of the People (COP), to represent the Coalition in the second of those debates. The Prime Minister informed Catherine Kumar of the Debates Commission of this decision on the 8th October.

The Debate Commission has apparently decided that it will not allow Mr. Ramadhar to participate on behalf of the People’s Partnership. The Prime Minister regrets their decision, and believes it is wrong. She hopes that the Commission will continue to work to find a solution so that the second debate can go ahead. However, she has not changed her mind about participation.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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