Sunday, October 20, 2013

KAMLA: Bill to fire MPs coming soon

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MPs who don't perform can be fired when new recall legislation is passed by Parliament. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar made that disclosure on Saturday at a political rally of the People's Partnership in Chaguanas.

Speaking in her roles as leader of her party and the People's Partnership government she said legislation for recall of MPs is currently being prepared and would soon be laid in Parliament.

“Your MPs have all been instructed, go back, hit the ground, connect, connect, connect!” she told supporters at the "Homecoming" rally, which thousands of supporters attended.

“MPs beware if you do not reconnect with the people who placed you in office we will fire MPs who do not reconnect with you!” she added.

Persad-Bissessar urged citizens to communicate with her: “You have my website, you have my Facebook, you have my email, tell me when your MP fails to come back to reconnect with you, let me know!"

She promised that she would respond. The PM said MPs are elected to serve the people and for no other reason and the new legislation would ensure that if they fail in their obligation they would lose their seats in parliament.

The proposed legislation is one of several she promised during the 2010 election campaign. Others include fixed election dates and term limits for prime ministers. She has promised that all three would be introduced during the current session of the parliament.

She welcomed those who attended the rally and thanked those who had left and joined other parties for "coming back home". 

She began her speech with a tribute to the founding leader of the United National Congress (UNC), Basdeo Panday, thanking him for his vision in creating a party based on equality, social justice and freedom. 

In her emotional address, she displayed a fighter's spirit as she traced her humble beginnings and thanked her mother for supporting her so she could get a proper education. Persad-Bissessar also quoted from Christian, Muslim and Hindu scriptures about civic duty and said there are times when one must fight family to do what is right.

In an obvious reference to the ILP leader, she said that is why it is necessary to fight "my brother on the other side" because it is her duty to fight for what is right.

She warned supporters of the dangers of vote splitting, pointing out that whenever that happens the beneficiary has been the PNM.

“Will we continue to make the same mistakes to split the vote again. Do not slip and slide at this election! Do not split your vote!” she said.

Persad-Bissessar also warned supporters not to believe that the PNM can solve their problems. Taking a cue from the PNM's campaign theme "believe" she said, "I will tell you what to believe, sqaundermania, wastage, Guanapo church, Treasury drained." 

The Prime Minister stated that if the PNM were to take power again all the programs and projects that her government started would disappear. These include the children's life fund, improved pensions, laptops for children, rural development, the Debe UWI campus, the Couva hospital and much more.

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