Friday, October 4, 2013

Jacks goes after Rowley and PNM

Edited excerpt of a speech by JACK WARNER, interim leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) at a political meeting in San Juan Thursday 03 October 2013.

I listened for over two hours to hear what new ideas have been announced under Rowley’s make-over PNM; what this so-called new PNM would do that would make a difference to the lives of the people living in the burgesses of the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation and after two hours it was clear that the PNM had no plan for you until after 2015.  So what you are going to do until then?

I listened to Colm Imbert ramble through a manifesto document and the only thing that was clear is that the PNM cannot perform for you in opposition.  In order for change to come, Imbert is saying the PNM has to be in Central Government so the absurdity is for you to vote them in now and PAUSE … and wait till after 2015 and hope that the PNM wins the General Elections.   Because everything the PNM said that it would do for you can only be done for you if they are in government in 2015 and that and God's face you will never see.

Whatever ideas PNM has about a 2015 victory, they better abandon it because the people of Trinidad and Tobago have gone green and all are voting for the ILP in 2013 and in 2015 because the country wants representation, action and performance.

The last PNM administration ruled this country for seven consecutive years and never brought one meaningful Bill to the Parliament seeking Local Government Constitutional Reform.  Now they come with their lying self to tell you that should you vote them in and have patience because after 2015 they will give to you constitutional reform.

Lies!  Not even half-truths or innuendos! Just lies! Lies and more blatant lies!

The PNM is trying to upgrade Rowley and give his PNM a new image… if you bathe a pig in the sweetest scented bath oils, massage it, powder it and perfume it; it will still be a pig and whenever given the opportunity the pig will return to the mud............and trust me Rowley will return to his mud.

Rowley cannot come now and act as though he was never a part of the Manning administration, which had seven years to bring constitutional reform to the Parliament and did nothing. 

This new PNM is the old PNM that danced you from 2002 – 2010 and now under Rowley they want to come back to you, divorce themselves of the collective responsibility which they all shared when they denied you your right on three occasions to vote on the grounds of promised constitutional reform.

Rowley now cannot divorce himself from the PNM under Patrick Manning.  He is joined at the hip.  The lies and deception they fed you then are the same lies and deception he is feeding you now.  He cannot separate himself now from what he had not done then.

The residents of San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation have been the most loyal to the PNM.  When other Corporations have rightfully shifted, San Juan/Laventille stayed loyal to the PNM.  The question Dr. Rowley has to answer is - How have the people of San Juan/Laventille benefited from the stewardship of the PNM ?

For seven years you sat in Parliament as a Senior Member of the PNM.  You, Imbert and the unholy motley crew voted to spend millions on buildings, which today, some are still empty and unfinished…
On the matter of allegations I want to tell Dr Rowley that there are still allegations on him over Landate. I want to tell Imbert that there are still allegations on him over the stadium in Grenada as well as the MV Su.

I want to tell London that there are still allegations on him over Milsherv. I want to tell Franklin Khan that there still allegations over his relationship with Dhansook. And I want to tell Al-Rawi that until his family stops collecting almost a million dollars a month rent for the past four years for an empty building at # 1 Alexander Place, then the allegations on him will remain. So I am not worried about allegations, Dr Rowley.

Dr Rowley, what people want to know is how you are going to improve their lives?  How are you going to take them out of the throes of poverty?  How are you going to perform to make life a little better for their children?

The PNM are so out of touch that in the ad for their launch last Sunday they had 5 hard-backed men in the ad - Rowley, London, Franklin Khan, Imbert and Al-Rawi. Not a woman for which the PNM has been historically famous for. Is it that Rowley is so afraid of Penny? Not a Youth!  These guys are really out of Jurassic Park!

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